wtf is a parmo?

For anyone living outside of Middlesbrough, this is probably what you’re thinking right now and well, thats where we come in. A Parmo is basically one of the best things you’ll ever eat; It’s a match made in heaven, it’s a culinary delight, it’s food of the gods. A Parmo is fried chicken goodness, covered in a rich, creamy béchamel, topped with a serious helping of cheese and shoved under the grill until melted and gooey. Perfect with chips and garlic sauce.


We are a parmo loving duo, consisting of one Middlesbrough born and bred chef, Kyle, and one fellow northerner, Ellie. We bring our take on the classic North East “Parmo” to people through street food events, markets and festivals across the UK.

We pride ourselves on using the freshest, locally sourced ingredients for our Menu. Everything is made from scratch, from our chips to our condiments. We believe we offer something for everyone. Be it vegan or meat lover, we reckon you’ll love our Parmo’s as much as we do.

All of our packaging is from Enviropack and is recyclable and compostable. From our cutlery to our sauce pots, we aim to reduce our carbon footprint with our packaging as much as possible.